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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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SO my roommate replied like, “well i paid rent for the whole of april but i’m not going to be living there the last 9 days so REALLY you owe ME $120”


he fucking said he was going to be out by the 1st of may. HE chose to take off early, so now he doesn’t have to pay for the electricity he used?????

might i add he only paid his half of the internet ONCE in the four months he was here. maybe i should prorate his ass for that shit eh???

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in the future if my kids tell me that they are gay i’ll just be like “what” because i don’t plan on having any kids so how the hell did they get there

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so our roommate just finished moving out today while i was at an easter party so he was already gone by the time i got home. i checked the mail and got the electric bill for the past month which is $115. i texted him like “so i got the electric bill today. you gonna pay $50 from it?”

and he’s like “i thought we’d call it even since you’re not pro-rating me the rent or anything.”

and i’m like “UH NO you lived here the past month and used electricity during that time. i even rounded the priced DOWN since you weren’t here for 5 days.”

like you can’t drink a soda without paying, then when somebody asks if you’re gonna pay for that, say “no, cuz youre not pro-rating me for the next soda that i wont even have.”


fucking moron. pay your bills you fucking dickhead







So many anti-brony blogs are reblogging me and it’s making me hella uncomfortable

Why, what happened?

I made a post about MLP that was basically me venting about a particular behavior in the fandom and some how they all found it

Was it that post on my dash i saw earlier about people putting words in the ponies mouths and such?

Nah it was something about racism

Anti bronies are worst than bronies themselves. Bronies act no differently than any other fandom. They’re annoying, creepy, and they make disturbing porn; all fans do that. But anti bronies threaten bronies, boycott their artwork when they make the same kind of work (*cough* PinkiePony *cough*) Bash them for ANYTHING they do like making McDonald’s toys neutral or donate to charities. And all the hate transcends to kids imitating this behaviors and bullying young boys. This needs to stop. 

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the writing for this movie is so under appreciated

How to block Sponsored Posts on your Dashboard



Tumblr has recently introduced Sponsored Posts. These posts can come from anyone, regardless of whether or not you follow them, and are primarily for advertising. If you want to block them, simply install Tumblr Savior and blacklist “sponsored_badge_icon” (without the quotes).

Oh wow OK let’s please signal boost this because some recent ones have been GIFs of horror and so on, and that makes Tumblr incredibly unsafe for a good amount of people. S:

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Discord Lamp Salespony


Trivia: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 4 E 22 Trade Ya

Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: Stellar Eclipse, the pegasus in a wheelchair, is voiced by Sylvain LeVasseur-Portelance, a young man who is stricken with spinal muscular atrophy

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